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We take an “Agile” approach to product development in order to deliver better solutions in less time and at lower cost.  To understand how “Agile Software Development” can benefit you, consider the following example:

The Old (less productive way) of Software Development

  1. Spend weeks designing the complete system
  2. Get the required large budget approved
  3. Spend months developing the software
  4. Present the finished product to users and learn what changes are necessary
  5. Start making major changes to the software

The New, Agile Method of Software Development

  1. Design the Minimal Viable Product (MVP), a simplified solution
  2. Get a small budget approved for the first phase
  3. Spend days developing the first version of the software
  4. Present the MVP to users (or customers) and get their feedback
  5. Let users influence what features are added to the software next

Creating your MVP May Be Easier Than You Think!

It may only take a few days to get started developing.  Let’s talk about your idea!


Leverage Leading Technologies

Choosing the right technology for your project is key to its success.  We will take the time time understand your needs, discuss the pros and cons of different approaches, and then make a recommendation.  Here is a list of the types of technologies and tools we offer:

  1. Database Applications for the Web
  2. Native Android and IOS (and Hybrid) Mobile apps
  3. WordPress Content Management System (Open Source)
  4. RAD platforms such as Caspio or Zoho

Mobile business applications aren’t truly mobile if they can’t work offline, and, until now, organizations were faced with a tripling of time and cost when adding offline functionality to a business app (Wired Magazine).

The following are types of projects we have worked on:

  • Product Configurations and Quoting
  • GPS, Google map plotting
  • Work flow and automation
  • Complex calculations
  • Payroll and HR
  • Executive dashboard
  • Ecommerce
  • Online Learning / Training
  • Church, Ministry, Fundraising
  • More

What technologies and tools are best for your project?



Create a Real Minimal Viable Product (MVP) First

We learn more by doing.  We learn even more by observing our customers use our product.  That’s why the sooner you can get a functioning prototype in the hands of a real user the better.  Then, they can help drive the development process with their feedback.

Almost anyone can develop software, but we want to help you develop it quickly, efficiently and effectively.


Digital Transformation for Indiana Companies

Digital transformation is a new business “buzz word.”  It refers to the profound effect on society that rapid and accelerating technological change is causing.  It’s especially challenging for small businesses to keep up with this change.  It’s difficult to know how to properly leverage technology to stay competitive or to create a competitive advantage.  We strive to help companies adopt technologies that create real, lasting value, while avoiding passing fads.

We want to help you see the “big picture” and make the right moves.


See Results Faster with Rapid Application Development

You know that speed is important in today’s economy.  There are many ways to develop software applications, some are faster than others.

Is your project a candidate for Rapid Application Development?  Let’s talk and find out!


Success Stories

A Flexible Payroll System for Hewlett Packard

When we proposed a customer payroll system for HP’s 300 international employees, our quote was substantially lower than the others, but that is not why HP choose us to do the job.  HP said that they chose us because “we demonstrated that we understood the problem better and gave them confidence that we could deliver the best solution.”

Field Drainage Tile Mapping Mobile App

After we completed the complex android application, the customer was happy to report that the total cost was about half what was quoted by other vendors.  We strive to deliver great value, which translates into excellent quality for a reasonable cost.

We may be able to do the same with your project.


40 Years of Software Development Excellence

Bob has a long history of exceptional business application development success.  Rather than play computer games as a child, he created his own.  Throughout his college and career he has developed complex software in his spare time.  He started a his own software company ( at the age of 28 and created payroll software that competed with ADP and Paychex.  His software creations were so well written, they have endured for decades.

Bob has the depth of experience and talent to help you.


Beneficial Entrepreneurial Business Experience

To be successful today, businesses need to be agile – and smart. We need to adopt technologies that create real, lasting value, and avoid passing fads. Bob can help you see the “big picture” and make the right moves.

After getting an MBA from Purdue’s Krannert School of Management in 1992, Bob went on to start several new companies and ministries. He understands how to leverage information technology to improve business outcomes.

We’ll take the time to understand your goals and then tailor a strategy to meet your needs.


Meet Bob Huber

Bob Huber grew up in the small town of Francesville, Indiana.  He was valedictorian of his West Central High School senior class.   He went on to graduate at the top of his class at Purdue University, completing his MBA 1992.   He has developed software and started companies and ministries every since.

His first job out of college was helping a local farmer start a small manufacturing company.  It has since grown almost 100 fold!  He started and ran his own payroll software company in 1996.  Then in 2003, his whole family moved to serve and missionaries in Mexico, where he helped start several orphanages.

In 2014, Bob’s family returned to live in the US.  Although he still spends spare time supporting orphans, he continues to create value by helping businesses leverage technology to their competitive advantage.

Bob’s unique ability to combine proven technical expertise with real world entrepreneurial success is hard to find.


Start Here! Talk to Bob

Bob and his family live and works here in Lafayette, IN.

Enter your contact info below and talk to Bob about your project:

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Let’s Work as a Team

We believe in teamwork.  If we don’t have all the pieces to solve your puzzle, we have good, competent friends to call on for help.

We are honored to work with them.  We would be honored to be part of the team that completes your project.

Contact us to start the process of bringing the right people and technology together.